You and Us

The love in my body doesn’t understand the white bees, dark stars, and ships of hyacinths that Neruda knew. My love doesn’t understand his metaphors of twilight shadows, lavender kisses, and sea foam. My love has chosen, instead, the bloodied half of the moon. The visceral side of the soul: bile, breath, bowels. Very occasionally, […]


The perfect plum sits in the palm of the hand like a flushed cloud during sunrise, or a bowling ball of decadent purple hardwood. Sliced into half-moons, the meat, fibrous and dense like pork, starts a deep red, lightening into a blend of rose, orange, and bronze, before finally pooling into a core of soft blonde. […]

Symphonie Fantastique (10 Minute Pseudo-Sonnets)

THE PAIN OF PRINCESSES Every three hundred years a wolf is born half hologram, limned in that breed of light that is searing, and shameless, and adorned with blood; a wolf with hands, and nails, and bite. The king’s daughters wasted the finest days of youth in the hunt, training bionic eyes and moon faces […]

Body natural, body politic, body electric

Five hundred million years ago nature could only dream of the kind of life that you are. Back then love existed in dissolution. Smokestacks of ozone. Topaz trilobites squatted in prayer. A generation of gods later, you appear. In hands, and a voice wanton as deserts in spate. In eyes that own all that they touch. A personal punishment for the planet […]

More things in heaven and earth

On the bus I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The day moves like silk through the windows, in vertical sheets cast in graphite and indigo. My mind has leapt from my body; it floats above and around me, in gentle circular motions, like a great white shark, aglow, bloodied. The angel of the ocean. The Shakespearean recipe: […]


When I fell in love with you I lost my appetite for seven days. My arms and legs ached, dully, tenderly. Along my throat, and beside my breasts, lymph, oval-shaped, milky white, swelled like new peaches: Emotion, a pathology, pathos of. The needs of a body silenced by the greed of the soul; my senses so […]

The God of Kerosene

I was born in love, mired in it; in the mud of a woman’s blood. This is a letter. This is a letter, printed on the air above the Atlantic, to the only two who would remember my infant eyes. Twist the verdict like a bottle cap, until the virtue and the venom spill, staining […]

Big Mermaid

It’s easy to get lost in these worlds, where the waters begin and end, and the shore is a thin layer of gold, sinking where my feet are, like the mattress dipping under your weight. If they made boats as solid as your hands, if they made oars as gentle as your hands, if they […]

Walls, water; Rib, eyes

You are not the cooking pot in the yellow linoleum kitchen. You are not the carp, not the bowl, not the honeydew, not the tortoiseshell comb. You are not the phone pressed to the ear, not the slowly blooming rose. You are not the light, not the supermarket parking lot, not the shirt sleeves. You […]


What kind of atom string, wrapped around what kind of carbon core, what kind of beating brain and nebulous heart, what kind of moral code, what kind of mantelpiece photograph, what kind of flower in the desert, what kind of desert in flower, what kind of person are you? I’m the kind that can’t be […]