615 Pharmacology & therapeutics.

When you circle someone for an eon, you undergo a gradual process of self-awareness. The aura of the beloved, normally two inches wide alongside the body, grows to a foot, sometimes two. The eyes of the enchanted are pliable, plastic, and they cannot be relied upon. So she picks you up and hangs you out […]

716 Herbaceous plants.

As the Earth rotates on itself, so the axial tilt draws and sucks at the sun, so the atmosphere expands and retracts, and so change, change they do, the colors of this boy’s hair. This boy and his seasonal hair, chartreuse green to maize yellow to vermilion, sprouting bundles of freesias. This boy is the […]

534 Sounds & Related Vibrations.

Your name is no accident, your face is not the work of God. You are fashioned from fresh water and cellophane, you are wearing a shirt with tulle cuffs. Your body is a buttery electrical current, freckly enough, lively enough. Your brain is a cushioned receptacle for who-knows-what, I sure don’t know. Of all¬†possible¬†onomatopoeia, you […]

634 Orchards, Fruits & Forestry.

This is the company I keep: long-limbed, tree-climbing ankle-biters, sugary sons and dangerous daughters of the fruit canners. There they are in the mornings, sprung from the mud of their forefather’s factory, a plum firstborn holding a string of rose hip sisters, rough mulberry brothers. Sweet-talking fire-breathers, bright as vegetable skin, intestines clean and dark […]