These past few days I and the family have been in the north. When you leave a city whose name means strength for a the wide expanse of a wetland 300 kilometers away, you gain more than in the wheel rotation count of your automobile. When viewed from space, the Ebro Delta looks like the […]


Day before yesterday we returned to an aforementioned river. This time the trail was significantly less strenuous, traversing hills of rosemary and lavender, an occasional spruce of thyme. It’s green mountains folded clean as origami, and my shoes are brimming with water, squirming as I make my way around crags and gullies. I’m carrying lunch […]

I’ve Got My Own Brand Of Able Chronicling

We went on one of those river hiking thingamabobs today, five hours of trekking through glorious waters and golden views and continually falling on my face. O grace, how you elude me! By the end of it I had stripped to a turquoise bathing suit, sopping shirt slung over one shoulder, warbling the “I’ll Make […]

New York

As I am exiting the Museum of Natural History, I pass a woman talking on the phone. She asks, “Is it wonderful?” and I think, “It is.” I am in New York, buying English books (at the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue, thoughts of Kelly prompt me to purchase “The Cave” to replace “Death […]

Protected: Tenth Grade Graduation Cruise.

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